Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Friday 3 August 2012

2nd August 2012

With 1 of my cameras now back from repairs & a window of good weather at my intended destination I was  off,meeting up with good mate Steve Seal in Risley,Cheshire with the destination nearby Risley Moss & the target Black Darters!! An enjoyable few hrs with Black Darters,Emperor Dragon,Brown Hawker & my 1st Migrant Hawker of the Yr also Emerald Damselflies!!! Glad to say the camera worked well & was impressed with most of the shots taken (Just need to get my Mk111 back now)

Black Darter (male)

Black Darter (female)
Black Darter (male)
Common Darter (Imm male)
Emerald Damselfly (male top female bottom)


Steve Seal said...

Nice shots mate catch up with you again soon i hope.

Noushka said...

Great blog and great photography!
I envy your black darter, I would have to travel hour to see this species!