Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Melodious Warbler 12th June - 28th June 2015

Probably made about 18+ visits over this period along with Donna hoping for that 1 shot.......  (The bird is still present this morning  30/6/15)

Many more Photos Here

23rd June 2015

Headed down South to Pagham Harbour,E.Sussex for the long staying Hudsonian Whimbrel & the Greater Yellowlegs at Titchfield Haven,Hants 2 very good year ticks having had the showy Yellowlegs in Northumberland a few years ago & Hud Whimbrel at Gwent a long time ago (when it was still regarded as a sub species of Whimbrel) An enjoyable few hrs & 2 mega lifers for Donna (taking her upto 222 Species total & 217 for the year)  Cpl of record shots below..........

14th June 2015

Headed down to Narborough,Norfolk today for the showy Marsh Warbler that had been present a few days, we were on site by 7am & had good views although the weather wasn't the best a good year tick & also my best ever views & another lifer for Donna after a cpl of hrs we headed off to Titchwell & the North Norfolk coast picking up another lifer for Donna 2 Spoonbill also the usual species & a bonus S E Owl............

12th June 2015

A txt of Vince Garvey on Thurs afternoon asking if I was at the bird? had me on tenterhooks a quick txt back inquiring what bird & the response being Melodious Warbler Nr Marsh Lane,W.Mids or VC38 Warks to us County listers...a few expletives made as I was at work till 9pm but luckily I'd booked the Fri off for my birthday (would it stay?) Anyway early Fri morning Donna & myself made the short journey over & even fron a cpl of hundred yrds away I could here the bird singing......... Result a good County bird & lifer for Donna....................

Wednesday 3 June 2015

2nd June 2015

A call from John Judge alerted me to the fact a stunning female Grey Phalarope in full summer plumage had turned up at Brandon Marsh,Warks, being on nights it took me several mins to gather my thoughts so a quick shower & a msg to Donna to get herself ready for a unexpected lifer!!! After picking Donna up from Shirley we headed over finally arriving to an already packed hide but none the less superb (If a little distant) views of this stunning bird.... Donna's 214th  species (209 for the year)

30th May 2015

Had a change of scenery today & headed to Gloucestershire for some Butterflies with Marsh Fritillary being the target,we finally arrived at the 1st site after a few wrong turns but were soon rewarded with stunning views a lifer for myself with Donna adding Small Heath & Dingy Skipper to hers after a few hrs we headed over to a cpl of other nearby sites with Small Blue,Forester (Moth) & a stunning Wood Tiger (Moth) something a little different to birds but a fantastic day.............