Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Friday 17 December 2010

December 17th 2010

Well lightning does strike twice! this morning whilst walking the pooch i heard the distinctive trilling of Waxwings but no sign so carried on,after the pooch had his walk i decided to go & have a look around & sure enough found 8 birds perched up by the Community centre on Kingswood Rd,by now the snow was really coming dwn so yet again no pics (but they were there honest!!)Anyway a cpl of hrs later Bob Duckhouse had ventured onto my patch & we spent 1/2 hr searching(Nothing)after a quick cuppa Bob decided to head off,within 10mins he was phoning me to say he'd got several opposite the Cherry Tree pub (Whittleford park) so a quick dash up there & sure enough 5 birds present but very flighty (cpl of pics above & several below whilst waiting)

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