Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Monday, 28 July 2014

26th July 2014

After finishing my Night shift I headed straight up to Seeswood Pool but no sign of the Night Heron between 5:30 - 6:30am so headed off for some much needed sleep! 2 1/2 hrs later I'm rudely awakened by a txt from Tom Perrins Golden Plover Sp believed American? Reply sent back why not Pacific a bit early for American? Reply back plumage wrong!! Short while later & bleary eyed I arrived on site along with Steve 'Snapper' Richards where we quickly scoped it & both said Pacific!! Much discussion by the ever increasing crowd & eventually most were happy with the ID a good few hrs on site then I headed back to Seeswood where the Night Heron put on a good show...........

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