Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Sunday, 29 July 2018


Not really done a great deal of birding over the last 7 months with adopting a rescue Bulldog & concentrating on turning the garden into a proper wildlife garden, only really been out with the camera a handful of times with a few visits to Hams Hall outflow in late winter for my annual fix of Siberian Chiffchaffs  a cracking Whinchat on 15th April at Whittleford Park & Ladywalk in early June for the Spoonbill.

Spent more time Moth trapping in the garden with some cracking new moths & some good local records.........

Clouded-bordered Brindle
Clouded Brindle
May Highflyer
Purple Thorn
Early Thorn
September Thorn
Dusky Thorn
Lime Hawkmoth
 Alder Kitten
 White Ermine
Scalloped Hook-tip
 Pale Tussock
 Scorched Wing
Gold Spot
 Orange Footman
Large Twin-spot Carpet
 Leopard Moth
Elephant Hawkmoth
Grey Shoulder-knot
 Peach Blossum
Small Ranunculus
 White Satin
 Scarce Silver-lines
Black Arches
 Obscure Wainscot
Clouded Magpie
Tawny Pinion
 Waved Umber

and finally Buster our rescue British Bulldog that we adopted in January............

Monday, 4 December 2017

13th October - 3rd December 2017

The past cpl of months have been spent reworking the garden at home trying to create suitable habitat for both insects & birds,what started out as just cleaning the pond ended up with me ripping the whole garden out & starting afresh......... Inbetween Donna & myself had a cracking week in Norfolk from the 13th Oct not really birding but did manage Taiga Bean Goose at Burnham on 14/10 & a possible Grey Bellied Brant on the 15/10 nr Choseley & Osprey on 16/10 at Holkam apart from that very little as we only really walked Thornham harbour & Burnham Overy Dunes each day........ a few photos from norfolk below.

A little Purple patch in Warks birding with a few County ticks my 1st being 3 Hawfinch low over Hartshill Hayes CP calling  on 28/10 part of an impressive 100+ birds recorded there over about 2 weeks with a national irruption involving 1000's of birds on the 2nd November i had a call about a Lesser Yellowlegs nearby at Maxstoke on a private farm 1st County record found by Steve Haynes which was only available to a small group of 10 on the first afternoon  with more than a hundred seeing it the following day.........

On the 4th November a trip over to Bubbenhall Meadows produced my 3rd County tick in a week with a 1st Winter Dartford Warbler only heard once & briefly sat up before being chased by 1 of 6 Stonechat present.....

A spur of the moment Moth trap on the 15th Nov produced only my 2nd garden record of December Moth.

26th November a call came thru to say a Richard's Pipit had been seen briefly at nearby Oldbury/Mancetter quarry but no further sign over the nxt cpl of hours but with it only 15 mins away I decided to help with the search within a cpl of hours several of us managed to find it & had some cracking flight views with it constantly calling,with probably in excess of a hundred people seeing it by the end of the day!! Only 3rd County record but 1st multi-observed bird..........Still present on the 3rd December allowing a few Warks birders to connect after being away the weekend before.