Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

13th April-22nd April 2014

The last week or so has been mainly chasing after Summer migrants with just the one twitch out of the area for a mega 'Crag Martin' at Flamborough,Yorkshire on the 13/4/14 where we were lucky enough to relocate it & have cracking views for several minutes whilst the main crowd were chasing after a Tawny Pipit (Talk about wrong priorities??) We also had good views of the Pipit later

The rest of the week in between work was just in the Tame Valley etc picking up Common migrants with Cuckoo,Swift,Grasshopper Warbler,Arctic Tern being the best bits along with a Glossy Ibis at Middleton Lakes,Staffs...

On the 21st Bobby D found a female/1st Winter male Black Redstart in Mancetter before I got a call from John Judge at Draycote with a probable RR Swallow over so made the trip over to have a look,no Swallow but did get a Warks tick of Fulmar (Thanks to Tim Marlow) & JJ for the call as the bird didn't hang around more than about 20mins also picked up several Little Gull & 2 Common Scoter.... 22nd had me back in the Tame Valley at Shustoke & found a nice Drake Garganey & Common Sandpiper along with 2 Common Tern,4 Arctic Tern & Swift over........

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

15th March -30th March 2014

With the start of the migration under way my main aim has been trying to find as many early migrants as possible! Finding my 1st true migrant whilst walking the dog on the 15th a cracking male Northern Wheatear followed by a few singing Chiffchaff with Sand Martins,Blackcap,Willow Warbler & Little Ringed Plover all added before the months end....... Some good local birds inbetween comprising of a male Firecrest a dodgy bit of wildfowl in the shape of a hybrid duck resembling  a female Scaup (& reported as such) Until I managed some shots proving otherwise & the Glossy Ibis at Brownhills,W.Mids which reappeared after going missing for a few weeks............... & the month ending with 2 Taiga Bean Geese in Worcs

Saturday, 15 March 2014

15th March 2014

Out & about early this morning with a great start with Northern Wheatear (male) whilst walking the dog (My earliest ever) Then headed over to Shustoke Reservoir picking up several Chiffchaff (migrants? or dispersing winter birds?) Then onto Coton lakes where I had a Chiffchaff which ticked all the boxes yet again for Sibe Chiff (Tristis) even the song was different but recorded & sonogrammed & bird is a mixed singer!! (What is going on out there??) Sonogram below for those who ain't fell asleep!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

1st & 2nd March 2014

Spent the weekend in the midlands at various sites inc Alrewas,Staffs,Upper Longdon,Staffs,Hams Hall,Warks & Sutton Park,W.Mids A good variety of birds with Chiffchaff, 20+Crossbills the long staying Hume's Leaf Warbler,Scaup & Long-tailed Duck! Spent more time at Alrewas as the reported Siberian Chiffchaff was still present & I was determined to try & record it! finally managing to get the bird & the Sonogram (Thanks Alan) came back as  standard Collybita/Abietinus.......... Pics of the birds & copy of the sonogram below..............................

Thursday, 27 February 2014

22nd & 23rd February 2014

Headed over to Alrewas Pits,Staffs for another look at the Sibe Chiffchaffs (2 birds present last visit but mostly silent) The 1 Showy bird was still present,however it's call certainly resembled Collybita but only called briefly on the Saturday so decided to head back on the Sunday where the bird constantly called for the 2+ hours I spent on site & was calling as Collybita (So unless anyone with more experience on these difficult subs has a reasonable explanation then surely it's a Collybita?) Just goes to prove though that not all pale birds should be treated as Siberian............

For a detailed analysis please read Alan Deans comment in the comments section (Many thanks to Alan for this detailed response)

Monday, 24 February 2014

8th - 15th February 2014

Spent a week up in the Highlands with Dean Eades,Russ Telfer & Alicia Handford with some good birds seen not all photographed but a fantastic week,some of the highlights below including the American Coot at Loch Flemington,Inverness which was a lifer............

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