Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

11th July 2015

With news coming thru of a 1st Summer Red-footed Falcon nr Stoke,Staffs on the Fri morning I decided a leisurely drive up on the Sat morning rather than the hectic afternoon rush hour on the M6... Donna & myself arrived on site just after 9am & were rewarded with decent views a good bird & only my 4th in Britain & the 1st for a good few years but more importantly a lifer for Donna & a bonus tick with a Black Redstart sharing the same fence line for her taking her upto 224 Species with 220 this year.........

Friday, 3 July 2015

2nd July 2015

With an unexpected 2 days lay off from work due to problems on the French side of the channel causing parts shortages I decided to give the Melodious another bash, I picked Donna up & we arrived on site about 2-30 with no 1 else present we set up & apart from a cpl of birders who came & went we had the bird pretty much to ourselves!! After 20+ visits the bird finally popped up 25ft away out in the open on the gorse!!! Job done ...............

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Melodious Warbler 12th June - 28th June 2015

Probably made about 18+ visits over this period along with Donna hoping for that 1 shot.......  (The bird is still present this morning  30/6/15)

Many more Photos Here

23rd June 2015

Headed down South to Pagham Harbour,E.Sussex for the long staying Hudsonian Whimbrel & the Greater Yellowlegs at Titchfield Haven,Hants 2 very good year ticks having had the showy Yellowlegs in Northumberland a few years ago & Hud Whimbrel at Gwent a long time ago (when it was still regarded as a sub species of Whimbrel) An enjoyable few hrs & 2 mega lifers for Donna (taking her upto 222 Species total & 217 for the year)  Cpl of record shots below..........

14th June 2015

Headed down to Narborough,Norfolk today for the showy Marsh Warbler that had been present a few days, we were on site by 7am & had good views although the weather wasn't the best a good year tick & also my best ever views & another lifer for Donna after a cpl of hrs we headed off to Titchwell & the North Norfolk coast picking up another lifer for Donna 2 Spoonbill also the usual species & a bonus S E Owl............

12th June 2015

A txt of Vince Garvey on Thurs afternoon asking if I was at the bird? had me on tenterhooks a quick txt back inquiring what bird & the response being Melodious Warbler Nr Marsh Lane,W.Mids or VC38 Warks to us County listers...a few expletives made as I was at work till 9pm but luckily I'd booked the Fri off for my birthday (would it stay?) Anyway early Fri morning Donna & myself made the short journey over & even fron a cpl of hundred yrds away I could here the bird singing......... Result a good County bird & lifer for Donna....................

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

2nd June 2015

A call from John Judge alerted me to the fact a stunning female Grey Phalarope in full summer plumage had turned up at Brandon Marsh,Warks, being on nights it took me several mins to gather my thoughts so a quick shower & a msg to Donna to get herself ready for a unexpected lifer!!! After picking Donna up from Shirley we headed over finally arriving to an already packed hide but none the less superb (If a little distant) views of this stunning bird.... Donna's 214th  species (209 for the year)

30th May 2015

Had a change of scenery today & headed to Gloucestershire for some Butterflies with Marsh Fritillary being the target,we finally arrived at the 1st site after a few wrong turns but were soon rewarded with stunning views a lifer for myself with Donna adding Small Heath & Dingy Skipper to hers after a few hrs we headed over to a cpl of other nearby sites with Small Blue,Forester (Moth) & a stunning Wood Tiger (Moth) something a little different to birds but a fantastic day.............

Sunday, 31 May 2015

24th May 2015

Headed down to Anglesey to Cemlyn Bay & South Stack to get Donna good views of Arctic & Sandwich Terns + a few lifers in the form of Chough (my best ever views) Manx Shearwater, Puffin, Black Guillemot also meeting up with good friend Andy Jones who's retired back to Wales after 27+ Years in Nuneaton......

Saturday, 23 May 2015

17th May 2015

After the excitement of last weekend when Donna & myself were in the right place at the right time when the Citril Finch news broke (5mins away watching Dotterel) it was back to a more relaxed day with a few hrs spent at Farmoor Reservoir & Otmoor RSPB,Oxon. We had initially been down on the Fri for the (SP) Black-throated Diver but the bird remained asleep in the middle so a 2nd go was much appreciated with the bird giving stunning views (my 1st SP bird & a lifer for Donna 209*) also had 6 Turnstone,Dunlin & Sanderling then a brief stop off for the Turtle Doves at Otmoor which gave superb views...........