Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Monday, 25 July 2011

July 23rd 2011

I headed back down to Shropshire Saturday morning hoping to add Keeled Skimmer to the year list & also photograph them & hopefully the Golden-ringed Dragonflies!! with at least 30 Keeled Skimmer found & 6 Golden-ringed Dragonfly about 500yrds away from Cramer Gutter on Catherton common i set about trying to get pics the Keeled Skimmers were far easier than the Dragons which wouldnt allow close approach at all, Also had 1 (Teneral) male Emerald Damselfly & a male Black-tailed Skimmer along with at least 6 Common Lizzard whilst the best birds were 3 Common Crossbill over & a Common Redstart & Tree pipit.

Keeled Skimmer (male)
 Imm male
 Golden-ringed Dragonfly (male)
Emerald Damselfly (Teneral male)

After a few hrs on site i made my way back home ready for the moth & nosh night at Windmill Hill NR,Nuneaton,which attracted maybe 20+ people but as always most of these drifted off leaving the few hardy soles to continue on until about 2.30am,the cool night & strong wind hampered the trapping but still produced a lifer in the form of Annulet (caught bt MPK) hence no pics & my favourite a female Drinker (very rare they come to light) alongside a male. A few photos from the night below.......

Straw Underwing
July Highflyer
Swallow Prominent
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
 Ruby Tiger
Burnished Brass
 Small Phoenix
Common White wave
Early Thorn
 Buff Footman
 Drinker (male)
Drinker (female)

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