Wood Warbler

Wood Warbler
Seeswood Pool 2008

Monday, 6 June 2011

June 5th 2011

With it all quiet on the birding front i decided to head out looking for Dragonflies at Windmill Hill NR,Nuneaton the target some photos of Broad-bodied Chaser,but on arrival no sign i had a walk around the small pool & was just about to leave when i spotted a Dragonfly Larvae on a reed stem on closer inspection it had already hatched & just left the Exuvia but there was another which was still attached to a reed stem nearby & this was gettin ready to hatch,i set the camera up & spent the next 4hrs watching it emerge,a fantastic sight & the 1st time ive ever seen this happen.The Dragonfly Larvae was a Southern Hawker also seen were 3 Broad-bodied Chaser,Four-spotted Chaser many Azure Damselfly & a few Large Red & Blue-tailed Damselflies. A few pics from the 600+ taken below

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